Arielle  Nissenblatt

Audio Producer & Consultant

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About Me

I'm obsessed with podcasts. I've been working in the podcast space for about four years and have held positions all over the industry. I've managed a podcast studio, consulted on projects for businesses and individuals, worked as an in-app curator, a marketing expert and consultant, speaker, and a community manager.

I founded EarBuds Podcast Collective in 2017. EarBuds is a weekly podcast recommendation engine that sends a newsletter with a theme and 5 podcast episodes on that theme, and each week is curated by a different person. Currently, I manage the community team at SquadCast, a remote recording software solution. I also produce short audio pieces on areas of life that interest me (and sometimes others).  


Audio-Related Things I've Done

Outlier Podcast Festival

I emcee the thrice yearly Outlier Podcast Festival, which works to highlight independent podcasters throughout the U.S.

The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

I attended the Salt Institute in Portland, ME in the fall of 2020 where I gained proficiency in Pro Tools and audio storytelling techniques. 

Podcast Taxonomy

I worked with podcast industry leaders to establish the Podcast Taxonomy system, which aims to systematize roles for audio and podcast production.



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